LEADER RABBIT DROP TRAP - Highly effective rabbit control!

LEADER NEW GRID - a cost effective galavanised cattle grid.

This cleverly engineered cattle grid is light enough to be portable, but sturdy enough to cope with up to a one-tonne axel weight farm vehicle. The shape of the ramp allows pick ups and off road vehicles to cross without catching the underside of the vehicle or tail end of a trailer. Manufactured from galvanised steel, this cattle grid is quick to install, long lasting and reliable.

It is especially suited for quad bikes, making checking livestock and open areas much easier and faster. Imagine your stock farm without any gates! Not only is the Leader New Grid cost effective to buy, it saves man-hours out on the land.

Please contact us with any queries you may have                                                (PATENTED)


LEADER NETTING PLOUGH - As a leading innovative agricultural engineering company, LAUDERDALE ENGINEERING manufactures the LEADER NETTING PLOUGH, which ploughs in and buries rabbit netting along existing fence lines - a real time saver! Please contact us for more details.

LEADER NEW GRID - Patented cost effective cattle grid for quad bikes and pick-ups.

SNACKMIX - Prize Winning Patented Livestockfeed Distributer and cost effective!

DEW PANS and HEATHER BEATERS for grouse managementplease contact us for more information

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