LEADER RABBIT DROP TRAP - Highly effective rabbit control!

RABBIT CONTROL SYSTEM. Easy assembly & installation of traps.

The LEADER RABBIT DROP is delivered to your door by courier. It will arrive requiring only a small amount of construction - for ease of packaging the cellar will arrive 'flat pack'. Four bolts are supplied for you to put the cellar sides together. The cellar does not come with a base as a piece of rabbit netting (NOT SUPPLIED) in the base does the job perfectly.

The trap is easy to assemble and the neccessary bolts are supplied. The photograpgh above is a pallet of 30 traps ready for delivery!

The patented Leader Rabbit Drop Trap should be sited where rabbits already run. For best results, place the rabbit trap diagonally through a rabbit netted fence. The cellar is then sunk into the ground. A hole measuring 2ft x 2ft x 2ft should by dug - make sure the site is well drained and dry. The top is then placed into position.

It is important to make sure that the surrounding fence is sound with no holes or access points nearby. This makes the trap tunnel very attractive to rabbits wanting to go to the other side of the fence, ensuring the build up of rabbit traffic.

The Leader Rabbit Trap also works well when installed into a drystane dyke or a netted gateRabbits would much rather pass through the trap tunnel than expose themselves unnecessarily to predators.

Alternatively, in situations where one does not want to expose any crops to rabbits, the trap can be installed along the outside of a netted fence. By forming a "T" with a short length of rabbit net (10m approx) at right angles to the fence, the tunnel becomes an easy way through - alot less effort than trailing around or digging under rabbit fences. In short these precision made traps will work and continue to do so for as long as there are rabbits in the area.


LEADER NETTING PLOUGH - As a leading innovative agricultural engineering company, LAUDERDALE ENGINEERING manufactures the LEADER NETTING PLOUGH, which ploughs in and buries rabbit netting along existing fence lines - a real time saver! Please contact us for more details.

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