LEADER RABBIT DROP TRAP - Highly effective rabbit control!

LEADER RABBIT CONTROL SYSTEM with Easy to use Rabbit Traps.

Are you serious about trapping rabbits?  Then you need a serious Rabbit Control System.  All good traps are humane and will catch many rabbits every week of the year - OURS JUST DO IT BETTER - MUCH BETTER!

This photo illustrates a typical haul from one rabbit trap - note the paving slab protecting the rabbit trap from passing livestock and also keeping the trap 'unset' allowing rabbits to pass safely  through the tunnel.

These highly durable rabbit traps will give at least 25 YEARS of maintenance-free service. Made from galvanised steel the Leader Rabbit Drop Trap will not warp, rust or rot.

"The Leader Rabbit Control System's success..."

The prescision made Leader Rabbit Drop Trap is based on the traditional wooden drop trap but with the use of modern materials and galvanising technology these rabbit traps are made to last and last.

With a spacious cellar below and weighted trap door above, passing rabbits simply drop through the swinging trap door into the underground cellar. The natural behaviour of rabbits is to live underground so they are not alarmed at being caught and sit quietly prior to humane and legal dispatch.

The Leader Rabbit Control System's success comes from utilising the rabbit's own natural tendancy to run through dark tunnels. When faced with a choice of digging under/through a fence or using a conveniently placed Leader Rabbit Drop Trap, the rabbit trap tunnel wins hands down every time! 

This also has the added advantage of distracting rabbits from damaging fencelines and rabbit netting, making the rabbit traps even more cost effective!  It is amazing how quickly a traffic of rabbits builds up. Rabbits follow in one another's footsteps and a network of paths rapidly developes to and from the rabbit traps.

Once a week in the first instance (fortnightly there after) the traps are set for a maximun of 24 hours. We must stress that these rabbit traps are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and MUST be checked regularly when in use. If large numbers of rabbits are present, the rabbit traps may need to be emptied every eight hours.The trap is then left "unset", with the trap door held closed by the paving slab (or locking kit). The tunnel remains open giving free access to the grazing area. By leaving the rabbit trap in this state for a week or two, a new traffic of rabbits builds up ready for the next setting.

Locking Kits

By popular demand, we manufacture a locking kit that can be supplied with the trap or added at a later date. This kit enables you to padlock (not supplied) the trap door shut, therefore giving you total control over the setting of the trap especially in public places.

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