LEADER RABBIT DROP TRAP - Highly effective rabbit control!

 LEADER RABBIT CONTROL SYSTEM with Galvanised Steel Rabbit Traps

An industrial strength rabbit trap for serious rabbit control!

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This patented galvanised steel rabbit trap is a self resetting, multi-catch rabbit drop trap that can comfortably hold 15 rabbits and with its 8oz trip weight it will even capture small rabbits. Discreet and enviromentally friendly, this humane and live capture rabbit drop trap is highly recommended!

When installed into a rabbit proof fence, this rabbit control system is quite simply the most effective, easily sustained method of rabbit control available today - no wonder over 12,000 of these rabbit traps have been supplied nationwide.

Used by farms, estates, national trusts, land authorities and pest controllers

This live capture, humane rabbit trap is simple to use, discreet when installed and can be fitted with an optional Leader Rabbit Trap Locking Kit, giving you total operational control. Farms, estates, national trusts, forestry commisions, golf courses, caravan parks etc are using these and taking control of rabbit infestation. Quite simply - THEY WORK, AND KEEP ON WORKING! We have gamekeepers and pest control companies who recommend the Leader Rabbit Drop Trap as an on going rabbit control system that puts immense pressure on the rabbit population, causing a dramatic and rapid decline in numbers.

Once installed, rabbits quickly learn to use the trap tunnel to gain access to their feeding area through a rabbit proof fence and in a very short time tracks from passing rabbits attract more rabbits. By using the trap once a week or fortnightly, large numbers of rabbits can be captured- just read our case history! These rabbit traps get more effective as time goes on!

"These rabbit drop traps are highly effective..."

The spacious rabbit trap cellar has smooth edges and provides a safe and humane containment for captured rabbits. We must stress that these traps are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and must be checked regularly when in use. If there are a large number of rabbits present, these rabbit traps may need to be checked and emptied every eight hours. Contact us for further guidance or any other questions you may have about the Leader Rabbit Control System.

Priced at just £85.00 each with £70.00 delivery to UK mainland. Locking kits are available to prevent tampering for £15.00 each (all prices ex VAT). 

Arrangements are easily made to islands and overseas. 

These traps are in use from the Shetland Isles to the Isle of Wight and the Republic of Ireland! 

Contact us on 01578 750 753 or email: dave@rabbittrap.co.uk

LAND OWNERS HAVE A STATUTORY RESPONSIBILTY TO CONTROL RABBIT INFESTATION. VISIT http://www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-countryside/vertebrates/rabbit.htm  FOR MORE DETAILS.

A good harvest of trapped rabbits!

EVERGREEN RABBIT CONTROL has installed hundreds of Leader Rabbit Traps for customers across the south of England, visit their site by clicking HERE

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